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  • Overseas companies registered
  • Overseas companies registered

01.HongKong company audit

Hong Kong company audit which is the domestic auditor's report must be completed by a certified public accountant in Hong Kong. We choose Huanze Company to provide you with fast and efficient personal and accounting services pick up the phone and c...


02.Dubai Company audit

Huanze provides auditing services for Dubai companies. We have professional accountants and understand the tax system of the UAE countries. Huanze can provide professional advice based on different situations of customers. We have 14 years of overseas...


03.BVI Company audit

Some countries and regions (such as BVI, Cayman, etc.) have developed some particularly loose policies to attract investors from all over the world to set up offshore companies in the country or region, and can be listed in other countries or regions....


04.Offshore company audit

Regarding offshore company audits, some offshore registration governments require offshore companies to file tax returns every year. For example, in Hong Kong, tax returns must be accounted for in accordance with accounting standards, and then audited...


05.Hong Kong company Registration and An

Huanze provides Hong Kong company registration and Hong Kong company annual review services for all customers. We have 14 years of overseas operation experience, professional senior consultants and well-known accountants in Hong Kong, to provide custo...


06.Dubai Company Registration and Annual

Huanze provides professional services for Dubai company registration and Dubai company annual review. Our company has a dedicated overseas partner and is familiar with the operating rules of Dubai company. Solving customers' doubts is our creed....


07.Overseas Company Registration and An

Huanze provides you with follow-up services such as overseas company registration and overseas company annual review. We have many years of experience in overseas companies, provide annual review services, provide customers with the latest regulations...


08.Open Bank Account

Huanze can assist our clients to make relevant suggestions on opening accounts and personal accounts, and sorting out the information needed for opening accounts of Hong Kong DBS Bank, Overseas Chinese Wing Hang Bank, HSBC Bank, Bank of China (Hong Ko...


09.Other Business

In addition to providing overseas company audit tax returns, overseas company registration annual review, intellectual property and other services, we also provide you with agency accounting, company name change, transfer of shares to directors, legal...



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Professional consultant team to serve you wholeheartedly.

Close consultants serve auditors, auditors, auditors, financial reports, annual audits, audits, audit reports, account opening auditors, tax returns, tax planning, registered companies and accounting, etc.

  • company of Hong Kong

    Jingwen Ho General Manager

    Senior Adviser and Lecturer of Huanze Company in China. He joined Huanze in 2004 and has accumulated rich experience in overseas company registration, annual inspection, tax declaration, related business and trademark ownership, management, protection and application. The companies that have served include Huawei, Noah Education Holdings, Milan berry lu, Chengdu Chemical Industry, Chase Silver Shares, Dickon Industry, French Welding Research Institute, Keno Wood, Beno in the United States, Shenhuo Technology in the United States, Gulang Holdings in the United Kingdom and many others..


  • company of Hong Kong


    Graduated from the School of Management of Xi 'an University of Science and Technology, engaged in offshore company service for 12 years and intellectual property service for 10 years, and served as senior consultant, deputy manager and senior lecturer of Huanze Company. He has accumulated rich experience in offshore company registration, annual inspection, auditing, tax declaration, profits tax exemption, CRS, bank account opening, trademark, patent, copyright and other aspects, is professional and reliable, is good at helping customers solve difficult problems, and has won recognition and praise from customers. We have already provided professional services to more than 700 clients, including listed companies, state-owned enterprises and other well-known enterprises with strong strength, such as Tianqi Lithium Industry, Noah Education Group, Silia Group, Wuliangye Group Import and Export Company, yomi Net, Youxue School, Milan berry lu, Xinyisheng Shares, Chuantie International, Shenhuo Lighting, etc....


  • company of Hong Kong


    Overseas company agents and intellectual property agents are now senior consultants and deputy managers of huanzeyi enterprise management consulting co., ltd, mainly engaged in agency services for overseas companies: company registration, establishment of offices, annual inspection, tax declaration and other follow-up services around the world; General business agency services for trademarks and copyrights: trademark registration, transfer, alteration, renewal, objection, review, invalidity, and other domestic case agencies; International trademark agency; Domestic design patent agency; Domestic copyright registration agency; Deeply trusted by customers


  • company of Hong Kong


    Having been in charge of finance for more than 7 years, he has been mainly engaged in tax planning of domestic companies, overall planning of corporate finance and tax planning and auditing of Hong Kong companies, and has rich experience and can put forward reasonable suggestions according to the customer's situation.


  • company of Hong Kong


    At least 7 years of overseas company and intellectual property service experience, good at overseas company registration, annual inspection, tax declaration, offshore claim, etc. The handling of domestic and international trademark registration and rejection of reexamination of intellectual property rights has provided professional and efficient services to more than 300 enterprises, including the world's top 500 and state-owned enterprises.


  • company of Hong Kong


    Focus on overseas companies and intellectual property services, understand the operation mode of overseas companies, and always do business with a professional and sincere service attitude. Professional to things and service to people can better help my customers solve problems. I look forward to bringing more customer help with my professional and service


  • Do zhang consultant company


    With more than five years of offshore company service and intellectual property service experience, he is good at offshore company registration, annual inspection, auditing, tax declaration and intellectual property service at home and abroad, and has served more than 500 enterprises so far, including large state-owned listed companies, etc. His earnest, responsible, active and enthusiastic service attitude has won many customers' trust.


  • Hong Kong company do zhang consultant


    Senior consultant, with 5 years of industry experience, has been committed to providing the most professional help to clients in overseas companies, intellectual property management and other enterprises at home and abroad, has solved the doubts and doubts of many clients, has won the trust of clients with an efficient and perfect service attitude, and has a very high evaluation.


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Chengdu Huan Ze Yi Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Service Income Tax Exemption, Offshore Claims, Overseas Profits, Overseas Profits Application, Tax Defense, Salaries Tax, Personal Income Tax, VAT, CRS Tax Return, CRS Response Plan, CRS Tax Planning, RS Asset Allocation


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More than 20 years of experienced accountants, certified public accountants and lawyers in Hongkong


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After the confirmation of cooperation, we will deliver the information to relevant departments and government for the first time.


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Develop the file control system independently and heavily, ensure the whole process of monitoring and you can check it at any time.


Professional training services

The consultants who are strict in professional training are one to one service, and do not check regularly to ensure the quality of service.


Tailored landing

According to different customers combined with their own experience, to provide you with professional advice and guidance.


Offshore banking cooperation

Close cooperation with HSBC, Standard Chartered and other offshore banks will make it easier to open accounts.

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